Running with polar bears and penguins

Last year I signed up to do the 10k London Winter Run for Cancer Research UK. At the time I’d run the 5k Race for Life with Millie, and several Park Runs. This seemed like an achievable next step, but my hip had other plans.

A few months ago I started suffering with hip pain and began some physiotherapy in November to get it sorted before the Winter Run. What I thought would be a few weeks of physio turned into months and an MRI scan.

Despite not getting the bottom of the hip issue, and doing virtually no running in 3 months (and I’ve only ever run as far as 7k), I felt determined to do the race. It was never going to be a record breaking time, but if I could just complete the course…

James had also signed up for the race, and graciously put aside his personal ambitions for the race to run alongside me.


The first 5k went well, but 7 and 8 were tough. James was there by my side, encouraging me on. He made sure I didn’t stop (I’m not sure I would have got going again!) and helped me to push through my heavy legs.

I’m thrilled to achieve a finish time of 1hr 15mins, and so glad we went through the finish line together. Now I have my own polar bear bling (and a beanie) to show for my efforts:


So now to book up my next 10k race! Once I’ve got my hip sorted, of course.

Because I didn’t know if I’d be able to run the race until the last minute, I haven’t done any fund raising. If you feel able to give a few pounds on our Just Giving page, James and I would be very grateful. Many of you know my reasons for supporting Cancer Research UK – I pray that one day no one will have to go through seeing their loved-ones fight this cruel battle. Every little bit we raise goes a step closer to that goal.

Over 13,000 amazing people raced today. Thank you to all the volunteers and supporters who helped us along the way (not forgetting the polar bears, husky’s, penguins and snowmen).


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