Emerging from under the covers

After being stuck in the depths of migraine for the past 2 days, the fog finally began to lift this afternoon. I cannot begin to describe the frustrations of being stuck in a darkened room for hours, especially during the summer months. Having to block out the glorious sunshine and wishing that the birds would stop their tweet-tweet-tweeting in an effort to lessen the stabbing pain behind my left eye.

There is a feeling of complete helplessness as the world carries on around you. And all I want to do is close my eyes and pray for it to lift. The second round of Rizatriptan finally did the trick today, but I’m left in a fuzzy bubble for the next few hours as the medication wears off.

So in an effort to shrug off the fog, I went for a brisk walk to clear out the cobwebs. I came across a giant dandelion clock on my travels, and it really reminded me of how I’m feeling.

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