Worship in the Spirit and in truth

They come along every now again – the crazy weeks where everything collides. You realise you’re out virtually every evening: Evening worship, Church AGM,  planning meetings. And then it dawned on me, not only was it home group on Thursday, but I’d offered to lead the session.

After work I hastily went through my iTunes worship collection and selected a contemplative favourite from Rend Collective, Simplicity, for us to open in worship with. We’d been looking at ‘thirst’ during our Sunday evening service, so thought I’d take the easy option and follow that theme.  I looked up a passage from John 4, ‘Jesus talks with a Samaritan woman’.  To be fair, I would have liked to have put a bit more thought into it, but time wasn’t on my side.

God doesn’t do coincidences.

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From the beginning… Fearfully and wonderfully made

Today is beginning of my endeavour to spend more time with God. To sort out my daily priorities and get them back in order. I’m full of enthusiasm right now, but I’m not naive. Life gets busy. And these posts may be more sporadic than I’d like, than He deserves.

God has placed Psalm 139:14 on my heart this weekend.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

How often do we praise God for creating us? We are not here by chance. God hand picked, crafted and formed each and every one of us. He knows are inner thoughts, our joy and sorrow, our fears and failings. I am in awe of this, and also slightly afraid of this notion! And yet he allows us to make our own choices and gracious scoops us up and attends to us when we fall.

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